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Privacy Policy

We appreciate the time you’re taking to read this privacy policy. We have implemented numerous technical and organizational measures to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, alteration or destruction.

We intend to help you understand your privacy rights, and to give you an opportunity to fully evaluate the benefits and risks of sharing your personal identifiable information with us. We also intend to show you how we secure your personal information, and handle it with the highest degree of integrity and confidentiality.

Please take time to read this privacy policy, and be informed about how your personal information will be used during and after your engagement with Lishe Living.

Our overall goal is to organize health information in such a way that it empowers you to make decisions that make you feel healthy, engaged, productive and happy. This requires a good understanding about your health, your environment, what you eat, how you feel, and how your environment and what you eat affects your overall health, engagement, productivity and happiness.

Unlike other continents, Africa has minimal research funding dedicated to the sciences, especially the health industry. We lack scientific research that can help us understand why we get sick as often as we do, and the role of nutrition and medication in preventing the predominant diseases.  When we are sick, we keep eating foods that make us feel worse, and sometimes doctors and nurses forget to provide clear advise on what we should eat, at what time, and how we should be feeling. When we are sick we are pretty much confused about everything. There are also not many nutritionists, doctors and medical officers to provide the information we require about what to eat when we are sick. We seem to have also forgotten that illnesses related to our minds and moods are diseases, which are curable, and affected by what we eat. This is why Lishe Living exists, to use health m nutrition and behavioural science to address the health challenges you face.

We have developed this privacy policy for you to understand how we collect, use and store the information you provide to us. We want you to be fully assured of our engagement with you. The policy is quite interesting, read it to the end.

Information We Collect

Personal Identifiable Information

Once you decide to use the Lishe Living services that require registration, we shall require personal identifiable information from you such as your name, address, telephone number, gender, email address, location, date of birth, and a username and password to access your Lishe Living account.

Once we have your contact information, we request for information regarding your health. This information includes your height, weight, exercise, occupation, stress levels and the foods you eat. We also collect information about the conditions or diseases you suffer from, and how they affect your mood, and feeding patterns. We ask you simple questions, sometimes in yes or no format, and at other times using images and words, to help understand your current health and wellness disposition.

Cookie Policy

We also collect data on how you use our site. This information is collected using a Cookie which is basically a small file that we place in your device when you visit our site. This file allows us to make your engagement with us more efficient and personable. Through the cookies we collect information about how you use our Site, which pages you visit and for how long, and what functions or links you use most often. This information allows us to personalize the experience for you. We also use it to collect information when you fill out forms in the site. For example, once you have logged in once, you do not have to key-in the information you have given to us before, because the file has stored your information into our system. We will inform you when we use a Cookie, and you retain the right to accept or refuse our use of the Cookie to access information about you.

We respect you for entrusting us with your personal identifiable information. We shall always update this Policy to inform you of any new ways we devise of collecting information from you.

How We Use Your Information

To understand your health needs and send you information that you can use to improve your health outcomes

We use your personal contact information (name, email address, phone number and country) to send you personalised health-related information. We also use this information to authenticate who you are, before allowing you to sign up for our services.

Once you provide your personal information, you can log into our application. At this point we collect information about the conditions or diseases you suffer from, and collect more personal information that helps us assess your health and nutritional status.

We use this information to calculate the exact amount of food you should be eating in order to improve your health outcomes. We also use the information to learn more about why you suffer the ailments you do, for example whether the foods you eat have an impact on how you feel, be it active, sad, energetic, or literally sick. For us to do that, we must collect data on all the aspects of your health, and we try to do it in a fun and easy way.

Our aim is to recommend to you foods that will improve your health outcomes. Although we have initiated this relationship with you by asking you to fill a food log, that is not the end. We are preparing for you an easy way to create meal plans for yourselves you’re loved ones that uses an array of foods that you know and that are available in nearby markets or stores. This meal plan will be based on a selection of foods that you have selected and know, and that you can afford. Because of this, we will ask you for information about the foods you know, and collect information about both the foods you know and eat, and those you do not select, or chose not to eat. We shall also collect information on your preferred options, any changes you make to your meal plan, and whether you keep to the meal plan or not.

To identify what you eat, and expose you to new foods, cuisines and diets in bid to shape your food habits

The information we collect on your preferences helps us to recommend relevant foods to you for your diet. It also help us understand your preferences. Although you may tend to eat the same foods all the time, there are many good options of food that you can have, which have the nutrients you require.

We want to help you to prevent nutrition deficiencies by exposing you to foods that have the nutrients that you require, and that are readily available in your area. We collect information about your preference because it helps us understand your dietary patterns.

We use this information to recommend to you what you should eat, in what quantity and at what time. Sometimes the recommendations we make are sponsored by clients we have vetted, who’s meals and foods meet your nutritional needs. In this case, we shall make it very clear that the recommended food is spnsored.

To understand your habits, and send you prompts that guide and remind you to keep to the new habits you intend to adopt

We also collect information about how you eat, what time you eat, and how you feel. We collect this information by asking you simple questions about meal timings, emotions and stress levels. We collect this information to give us a better picture of your habits, good and bad. We use this information to help us carry out research about the link between your habits, diet and health outcomes.

We also use the information we collect from you about your emotions and stress levels to send you prompt about what you can do to make you feel better. For example, if we notice you are always in a bad mood at around 11:30, and you rarely have breakfast, we may advise you to eat a banana and peanut-butter sandwich at around 6:15am, and avoid the mood discomforts that come with hunger.

To understand how you use the website and topical interests, to help us better target and respond to the audience’s health needs

Even if you do not register as a member, or provide any personal information to Lishe Living, we collect information about your use of our website. Example of this information includes what links brought you into the website, what themes or headlines you click on, what you read, and how long you spent on a page. We use this information to make sense of how you use the website, as well as for analysis on how to target our audience better.

To generate marketing and advertising revenue

We provide all health-related advice and guidance to patients and caretakers at no charge. You shall not be charged to use the website, or application. Instead we transfer the costs you incur to organizations and companies that wish to contact you. We feel this is a fair way of ensuring that your health advise is fully sponsored by a company or organization that wishes to reach you. As such, we charge these companies that wish to reach you a fee. The fee is used to present to you their services or products, or to ask you some health-related questions. At no point will we market or promote services that are detrimental to your health. We will always inform you about services and products we are marketing, with a highlight that says “Sponsored.”

We also use the information you share with us to generate population statistics. We use your personal and geographic data to evaluate, analyse or predict aspects concerning your (and others’) performance at work, health, personal preferences, economic situation, interests and behaviour. These statistics help us to market better and to create proposals to address specific health issues in the industry. When need be, we also can also share general health information about population affected by a specific disease, we share this information with interested organizations and charge them a fee. An example of the type of information that will be shared is “40% of those who selected Diabetes as one of their conditions are financial and tech industries. 75% of them indicated that they did not have breakfast for 7 consecutive days in the past month.”

How We Store Your Information

The information we collect from you is stored very securely. We treat the personal and health information you provide to us the same way banks treat your banking details; we encrypt it and transmit it in a secure way to well protected online servers. The information is encrypted to ensure that no one access the information without your consent.

Disclosing Information

We do not rent or sell your contact details to any third party. We may only disclose personal information if required to do so by law, or if in the good faith, we belief that such disclosure is necessary. In this is ever to happen, we shall inform you of this disclosure.

We use the latest technology to protect your information and do not release it anyone not authorized to view it. All of the customer data that we collect is carefully protected from the public via our secure servers. Moreover, you can have access to your data in order to modify any information you provided in the past. We have put in measures to protect you from any risk that may flow from within our organization. We use pseudonymisation

We commit to implementing technical and organizational measures that are within our reach to protect your data. However, we must remind you that you are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of the personal information that you submit to Lishe Living. You must also take caution, and apply measures within your reach to ensure that the personal information you share with us remains safe. Log out of your Lishe Living account after using a public computers to access it, and delete all the cookies. Your Lishe Living account holds a file of your health and wellness, treat it as such, and share your password with only those people whom you fully trust will embark on a healing journey with you.