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About Us

Sometimes we forget that we are all patients, one way or another.

Lishe Living is a wholesome way of living. It means being passionate and making
small incremental steps towards being healthy and feeling well.

We are passionate when working with you to actively manage and improve how you
make decisions about your health and well-being.

Your body is so intricate, and the foods you feed it with determine your health, mood,
brain activity, sex drive, literally everything about you. We also tend to forget that we
feed our bodies with foods, as well as feelings, knowledge, exercise and much more!
That’s why we’re keen on making you feel healthy, engaged, productive and happy.

You become what you consume, be it apples, steak or anger. And we wish to work
with you to improve on how you make decision about what you consume.

We promise to research more, and give you advise about the issues that give you
sleepless nights. This research will always be presented in words and pictures that
may unsettle you, but will certainly help you. Our aim is for you to learn, and
remember to apply the advice we share on the site.

The Lishe Living Application

Once you click on LOG IN: You’ll be pleasantly surprised! This application is very
important for people who are feeling unwell or not functioning at their optimum levels.

It starts with a food journal. We want to track the foods you eat, so that we can
analyse the nutrients in them and see how these nutrients affect your general health,
engagement, productivity and happiness.

Keeping a food journal is very important, especially a journal that can indicate the
nutrients you consume, or lack in your meal. The focus is on being healthy!

In a couple of months, we will make it easy for you to eat foods to cater to your
specific illness or condition. You’ll simply have to tell us what you’re suffering from,
the foods you know, and we’ll use this information to make for you a personalised
Lishe Living meal-plan. Until then, please keep a food log, let’s work together to
gauge your food habits.

It’s quite sad that when people leave the clinics and hospitals, they have no clue
what they’re supposed to eat to make them heal better, and faster. And to be honest,
there are thousands of foods with so many nutrients, how can one brain possibly
decode all this information, and share it with a patient?! Well, Lishe Living technology

Whatever your condition, be it lack of focus, high blood pressure, overweight or
prostate cancer…we have a solution for you.

More About Us

We are a health communication company that uses technology and marketing to address nutrition
and health. Sometimes we write articles that crack you up, or leave you literally
perturbed, be assured that every article shared is well researched and has peer-
reviewed journals to backs it up!

Our team of strategists, creatives, doctors, nutritionists and techies are all here for

Karibu Nyumbani!

Adino – Team Leader

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